The Importance Of Energy Conservation Solutions

Thoughtful, deliberate energy consumption has become a business priority, and companies, now consider energy management to be an essential aspect of corporate strategy. Energy management solutions aim to drive cost reduction and profitability. It mitigates risks such as energy price volatility, downtime, peak demand charges and improvement of internal processes. Sustainability is a growing business factor which is driving global investments and has emerged as the platform to measure energy efficiency across the supply chain. Today most companies are formulating their energy management objectives because new regulations and opportunities are building the momentum to fund investments for growth through energy savings. At MCN, our solutions are aimed to increase savings from energy intelligence and analytics delivered securely across an enterprise that enables sound, sustainable business decisions.

One of the best practices in managing utility costs is to implement a variety of generation supply sources, however, the cost to build new supply infrastructure outweighs the immense saving potential from the demand (consumer) side. Today, nearly all jurisdictions look to the demand side of the utility system to save costs. In addition to savings, there is no question that industries such as utilities, transportation, and oil & gas are being transformed by trends such as digitalization, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data analytics. However, the immense volume of data being generated today places a significant burden on organizational resources. It is no longer feasible to relay all information to a central hub for processing, analysis and action. Increasingly, more intelligence and computing power is therefore being positioned in field devices. At the same time, industrial operations needs the ability to respond faster to events, streamline processes and increase profitability. MCN equips both the supply and demand side with end to end energy management and data communication solutions.

According to Natural Resources Canada, between 1990 and 2013, energy efficiency improved in Canada by 24.2%. In 2013, these improvements saved Canadians $37.6 billion and avoided 85.4 Mt of GHG emissions. The increasingly complex energy landscape requires attention, good visibility and knowledgeable navigation with adequate speed. Since 1995, MCN has continuously provided energy conservation solutions for businesses in every industry.

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Accurate synchronous time distribution and power monitoring for use in electrical distribution systems.



Technologies implemented in communication infrastructures within rugged environments.



Advanced power quality, electrical revenue monitoring, and energy management for any industry, institution or utility.



Transformer Oil dissolved gas analysis monitors provide condition based maintenance for extending the life of critical assets.



NIST Traceable

Measurement Canada

testing devices for

electrical revenue meters.



From large generating plants to off-grid producing sites, we work on tailored communication and intelligence monitoring solutions.


Revenue stream metering, latest technological communication infrastructure, GPS timing, and critical assets monitoring.


Dual function power quality, revenue electrical metering and critical assets monitoring. Reliable communications for electrical distribution. 


We implement enterprise wide Power Management and secure communication systems that drive efficiencies and Power Quality solutions to optimize production


Unique monitoring solutions for remote operations and rugged communications for harsh environments. We maintain power reliability to ensure heavy equipment stays operating


Comprehensive energy management solutions for onsite generation, selling excess energy, load shedding, and predicting demand to reduce power bill costs. 


Load profiling, consumption trends and managing utility costs for quick and accurate analysis on capacity planning or process changes, saves on up front engineering and capital.


Power usage efficiency, power reliability, harmonic monitoring, and tracking power movement and capacity planning for future growth.


Monthly generation testing, electrical equipment configuring, and insight into power reliability and quality to ensure life-saving machines are functioning properly. 


Enterprise wide energy management. Energy automated sub-metering, tenant billing, utility bill verificaiton and integration with gas and water utilities for commercial buildings. 


Validate Energy Performance contracts for universities, colleges, and school districts. Report and monitor all energy utilities for  energy account centres. 


Energy management and power quality solutions for water treatment plants, airports, forces and defence bases, and municipal city buildings.

Custom Energy Conservation Solutions Tailored For Your Business


Our process starts at creating awareness of the applications, issues and solutions.  MCN accomplishes this through a combination of targeted sales calls, hosting seminars, exhibition booths and coordinating strategic customer engagement activities. During project design we work closely with end users, system integrators and consultants to provide technical and commercial direction backed by our expertise on the application and particular mix of products.  With access to exclusive subject matter experts from the manufacturer as well as factory reference documentation, grants us the ability to quickly address project roadblocks and ensure timelines are adhered to.

When it comes time for project management of purchasing and execution, we are instrumental in working with the manufacturers to coordinate ship dates, expedites and delivery. As the project goes live we are the local regional support agent to coordinate ongoing service agreements, support contracts and continue working with you throughout the life of the project.

We take the time to understand our customers' corporate culture

Our consultation process starts with creating awareness of applications, issues and solutions. We accomplish this through sales calls, hosting seminars, exhibition booths, coordinating lunch and learns and in all of our daily interactions with our clients. We take the time to understand our clients' needs so we can provide a solution that meets their needs. 

Our multi-faceted resources serve individual market needs 

We understand that different industries may have different requirements and our solutions are made to support varying market needs. During a project's design phase we work closely with end users, system integrators and consultants to provide budgetary information, technical support, and reference documentation.

We offer customized solutions and best in class products from multiple vendors

At MCN Solutions, we stay involved in the process of purchasing and execution. We are instrumental in working with the manufacturers to coordinate ship dates, expedites and delivery.

We help bridge communication gaps between departments

We work to ensure all parties involved are provided technical clarification on the manufacturers' offerings. 

We provide expertise and perspective on market conditions and trends

When the application turns live we are the local regional support agent to coordinate ongoing service agreements, support contracts and connecting you with factory technical support. We stay up to date with current market trends and conditions to prepare our clients for unexpected changes.

We take a big picture approach to our customized solutions

We focus on a complete solutions approach - we look at the forest, not just the trees. 

MCN Solutions Advantage


As authorized reps within mid-western Canada, we have access to Manufacturers factory resources incuding engineering and field services.

Not A

We do not maintain inventory or resell products with a markup. We help in order strategy across the supply chain, through channel distribution or manufacturer direct.

Voice of The

We serve as the customer's advocate to gain supplier exceptions and expedited deliveries.

Product Synergy & Expertise

We architect solutions based on product expertise. Our solutions meet all industry standards and specifications.

Stable Long Term Relationships

Being rooted geographically leads to stability of relationships, an important added value where human resources are constantly changing.

Commitment Within The Territory

Because we work within a specific geography, we know our customer base and share best practices to further add value.
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Technical resources are invaluable during project design and implementation, and obtaining up to date information can be difficult. Using a decade of experience, we have compiled a library of must-have documents and resources relevant for these solutions. Our goal is to provide technical details about overall offerings, individual products, application notes and case studies. We've made it easy for you to find specific information on our products and markets served. Find the information that you need, whenever you need it with our technical resources. 


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